Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Energy: The new sustainability logo

If solar energy, recycling and sustainability make you feel warm and fuzzy, there's a new logo for you.

It's the Happy Energy symbol, and information about it, are found here.

The symbol, according to its proponents, has this in mind: “Happy Energy is a young initiative that advocates a positive and sustainable culture, and which strives for a society that makes maximum use of recyclable products and clean energy, using the Happy Energy logo as the new universal symbol for sustainability.”

It comes in circle and rounded square forms. It's pale blue like the sky or a shallow sea, with a central image in yellow, which could be the sun, could be a flower. You can find versions to download here.

The founders of the happy energy movement are Erik Schoppen, Wubbo Ockels and Marleen Zoon, all from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Their aim is to create a global symbol for the green movement: renewables, recycling, conservation, all that good stuff.

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