Friday, June 29, 2012

Second mongoose trapped on Kaua`i

In case there was a question about whether mongooses are established on the island, a second Kaua`i mongoose in under two months was trapped yesterday afternoon at Nawiliwili Harbor.

(Image: Young Brothers crew on Kaua`i with trapped mongoose. Credit: KISC.)

The first was trapped in May between Kaua`i Lagoons and the Lihue Airport. That was a large mature adult. Yesterday, employees at the Young Brothers terminal at Nawiliwili Harbor spotted one running between shipping containers—a little more than a mile from the first trapping.

Keren Gundersen of the Kaua`i Invasive Species Committee provided a blow-by-blow.

Young Brothers employees Nolan Fernandes, Keith Marugami, Jason Langtad, Wendell Kam managed to chase the mongoose under a shipping container. The Kaua`i Invasive Species Committee was called, and Joe Kona, Joseph Aguon-Kona, Mugs Kaneholani, Cleve Javier, Ray Kahaunaele and Gundersen responded with traps.

Local fisherman Jason Matsumoto, who was washing his boat at the Nawiliwili Small Boat Harbor nearby, loaned his hose and the animal was flushed out from under the container and it ran into a trap. Tests will be performed to determine the age of the animal.

Investigation revealed a report the night before that someone at the small boat harbor had been chasing a mongoose the night before.

Gundersen said her office continues to receive credible reports of mongoose sightings at locations around the island.

“We are trying to paint a more complete picture in regards to possible mongoose population numbers on Kaua`i. This way, it will be possible to move forward with plans for eradication and protection of high value areas like bird sanctuaries,” she said.

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Anonymous said...

It is inhumane to use live traps since you are going to kill the mongoose anyway. Set up kill traps around the island since there have been sightings island-wide..