Monday, March 18, 2013

Ebook "CyberStorm" a scary warning about disasters and preparedness

For Hawai`i residents, the next disaster is overdue--and there's a new book out that could just scare you into readiness.

It’s been a couple of generations since a significant tsunami, more than 20 years since a major hurricane, and the issue, of course, is not whether we have another big disaster, but when. 

Author Matthew Mather  explores the issue in a new ebook, CyberStorm, which combines a major storm with a pulse of hacking and cyberterrorism events. Mather frighteningly and convincingly outlines how vulnerable we are, and how quickly societal order can collapse.

When food supplies are short, and security is gone, and power supplies and communications are out, individuals react in different ways. Some band together in supportive communities, but others may band together as outlaws.

On Kaua`i during the weeks following Hurricanes Iwa and Iniki, we saw mostly the former. But we are a small community where most folks know each other. What might have happened if Honolulu had been hit, and help hadn’t been only hours and days away? That’s one nightmare scenario. And what might have happened in a big city where you don’t know, and perhaps can’t trust your neighbors?

I won’t reveal Mather’s secrets, other than to say that it’s a compelling read, which is being sold at a compelling price. Here’s the Amazon Kindle link.

The ebook will also provide you with a new appreciation for having a cache of emergency supplies for a crisis. You know, the Family Disaster Kit that’s outlined in the front pages of every phone book.

Matthew Mather’s previous book is “Atopia Chronicles.” His specialties in cybersecurity, weather prediction systems, and nanotechnology are on  display in CyberStorm.

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