Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hurricane Carlos kicks it up to 100 mph winds

Hurricane Carlos strengthened further during midday Tuesday, July 14.

Sustained winds were near 100 miles an hour.

(Image: The forecast five-day track of Hurricane Carlos, issued at 11 a.m. Tuesday. Credit: NOAA.)

The storm is expected to pass into the Central Pacific about midday Friday, at which point the National Weather Service forecast office in Honolulu will begin posting updates on its progress.

Forecasts now suggest that the hurricane will encounter contrary winds aloft, which will weaken it in the coming days. However, it is now expected to maintain hurricane force winds into the weekend.

The current path appears to be keeping it well south of the Islands.

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Andy Parx said...

I remember when `Iwa and `Iniki were "well to the south" "only Category 1" and "not expected to pose a threat"