Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cyclone Lana approaches: get ready, again

Here we go again.

Another tropical cyclone behaving unpredictably as it nears Hawai'i.

Here's where to find some information about the storm.

How should a Hawai'i resident respond to Tropical Storm Lana?

Be alert, and get your ducks in a row.

A key preparedness measure: have your emergency kit ready. This is a container with a selection of things that can cover your immediate needs in case your power's out, water's off, food's blown away and so forth.

It should have your medications, a couple of days worth of food, some water, a radio for receiving emergency information alerts, and a bunch of other things. Check the front pages of the phone book for a complete list.

For folks who haven't done it, the low likelihood that Lana will strike is not a reason to put this off. It's hurricane season. Every family ought to have an emergency kit ready—whether for hurricane, tsunami, flood or other disaster—if only so you don't have to join the mad rush to sores for last-minute purchases of batteries, toilet paper, rice and Spam.

At our latest check on Saturday August 1, Lana was still scheduled to pass south of the Islands, traveling east to west. If it stays on the path, the main impact will be surf on southern shores.

But Lana isn't doing what forecasters predict. It is moving into an area with contrary winds aloft, which should weaken it, but Lana is not weakening.

It should pass south of the Big Island tonight. Chances are it keeps going.

If not, be prepared.

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