Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Felicia bringing surf and rain, but wind, not so much

The storm Felicia at this point appears to be more of a rain and surf event for Hawai'i than a wind event.

(Image: the 11 p.m. Monday storm track estimate. Credit: NOAA.)

The storm on Tuesday morning is ready to enter the middle of the Hawaiian chain from the east.

Surf is already affecting the Islands. Maui County and parts of the Big Island should be feeling the effects within hours of dawn. And with the storm heading westward at about 10 miles an hour, it will be affecting O'ahu and Kaua'i counties in the next day or so.

Overnight, Felicia's maximum winds have dropped to 40 miles an hour, and appear ready to drop further. The storm is expected to be below tropical storm strength as it enters the state's waters.

That said, a rain and surf event can have serious consequences. Civil Defense authorities are warning about flooding, erosion and all the damages associated with these.

Here is what the National Weather Service was predicting before dawn Tuesday:

“The official intensity forecast calls for Felicia to weaken to a depression within 24 hours and to a remnant low by 48 hours... Felicia may undergo more rapid weakening than forecast if the circulation spins down faster than anticipated.”

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