Monday, August 10, 2009

Felica goes left after a head fake to the right

Felicia has weakened significantly overnight, and its forecast path has jogged south again, with the storm's middle set to cross the Alenuihaha Channel.

(Image: The 5 a.m. anticipated track of what will then be Tropical Depression Felicia. Credit: NOAA.)

That takes the heart of the storm just south of Maui County and farther south of Oahu and Kauai.

The winds have dropped enough that the storm is set to be a tropical depression as it heads across the Islands.

In our previous post just a few hours ago, it was expected to maintain winds of tropical storm strength across the state, but the strongest winds are now anticipated to be somewhat weaker, in the 35 to 45 mile an hour range, with more powerful gusts.

For much of the state, winds may not be that strong, but heavy rain and flooding remain a threat during the next three days. For more see the post below.

The first folks to be impacted may be those on the Big Island. Here's is Hawai'i County Civil Defense latest statement on the storm.

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